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Class Schedule

Department: Apprenticeship
Term: Fall 2018/19

Course #Name of CourseDaysTimeInstructorPlaceCr.Tuition*Sec. #Notes
TRC, Table Rock Campus, White City
APR107DApprenticeship/Electrical Basics Th 530PM - 930PMBerg, GlennTRC-1403$340.00A1
APR111AApprenticeship: Introduction to Plumbing Skills Th 530PM - 930PME. CURTIUSTRC-1264$310.00A1
APR111DApprenticeship: Mathematics of Plumbing and Commercial DrawingTh 530PM - 930PMJ. ASHLEYTRC-1244$310.00A1
APR116EApprenticeship/Millwright: Welding I Mo 530PM - 930PMGiesbrecht, ToddTRC-HTC172$305.00A1
APR118AApprenticeship: Introduction to Sheet Metal We Sa 530PM - 830PMBaker, JohnnyTRC-1623$330.00A1
APR118DApprenticeship: Applied Field Practices We Sa 530PM - 830PMBaker, JohnnyTRC-1623$330.00A1
APR120AApprenticeship/Boiler Operator: Introduction to Boiler OperationTu 530PM - 930PMDroesch, PeterTRC-123B4$350.00A1
APR127AApprenticeship: Electrical Theory I Tu 530PM - 930PMShelman, RobertTRC-1244$210.00A1
APR127AApprenticeship: Electrical Theory I Tu 530PM - 930PMR. PIERCETRC-1264$210.00A2
APR127DApprenticeship: Advanced Electrical I Tu 5PM - 9PMCox, MichaelTRC-1404$210.00A1
APR127DApprenticeship/Advanced Electrical I Tu 5PM - 9PMHicks, MichaelTRC-123D4$210.00A2
APR129BApprenticeship: Aircraft Systems I Mo We 5PM - 8PMLicato, LawrenceTRC-1266$575.00A1
APR207DApprenticeship/HVAC: Airflow and Systems Control IWe 530PM - 930PMWestensee, RichardTRC-1403$340.00A1
APR211AApprenticeship: Water Supply Systems Th 530PM - 930PMJ. ASHLEYTRC-1244$310.00A1
APR211DApprenticeship: Review of Oregon Plumbing Code Th 530PM - 930PMJ. CLARKTRC-123D4$310.00A1
APR216AApprenticeship/Millwright: Machine Shop I Mo 5PM - 9PMHansen, CoreyTRC-1422$305.00A1
APR216CApprenticeship/Millwright: Drafting Mo 530PM - 930PMGulrich, PaulTRC-1503$305.00A1
APR216DApprenticeship/Millwright: Hydraulics And Pneumatics IMo 5PM - 9PMRaber, TravisTRC-1403$305.00A1
APR218AApprenticeship: Duct Design We Sa 5PM - 8PMPreber, MichealTRC-1503$330.00A1
APR218DApprenticeship: Industry Standards We Sa 5PM - 8PMPreber, MichealTRC-1503$330.00A1
APR227AApprenticeship: National Electrical Code I Tu 530PM - 930PMBohn, LarryTRC-1624$210.00A1
APR227AApprenticeship/National Electrical Code I Tu 530PM - 930PMH. WINNTRC-1504$210.00A2
APR227DApprenticeship: Oregon Electrical License Preparation ITu 5PM - 9PMGulrich, PaulTRC-1004$210.00A1