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Course Description

The BHC is composed of highly adaptable classes with many online, night and weekend course offerings to fit your busy schedule. You also have the option to complete the BHC by taking all online courses. See the online option.

Basic Health Care Certificate

Basic Health Care Career Pathways Roadmap
Pre-requisites Credits
MTH20 Pre-algebra 4
RD30 College Reading 4
WR30 Fundamentals of Composition II 4
Required Courses Choose the eight core courses you need from the list below:  

BI100SB Biology of Human Systems or

Note: Some programs require higher-level anatomy and physiology coursework (BI121/BI122 or BI231/BI232/BI233). See specific program graduation guides for details. Students who have completed either BI121 and BI122 or BI231, BI232 and BI233 (the entire sequence of either series) with an equivalent “C” or better grade do not need to take BI100SB

CG155 Exploring Careers in Healthcare or
PSY101 Psychology of Human Relations or BT101 Human Relations in Organizations
CS120 Concepts in Computing I or computer proficiency 0-4
HE261, HE112, HE252 CPR, Emergency First Aid, First Aid/CPR or
HE250 Personal Health Promotion or HPE295 Health and Fitness for Life or
PSY215**** Life Span Human Development


HC120 Intro to Health Care Industry
AH100 Medical Terminology: Introduction
MTH60 Fundamentals of Algebra I or Higher Fundamentals of Algebra I or higher level Math
WR115 Intro to Expository Writing or BT113 Business English I or higher level writing
Approved Program Speciality Track Electives listed below:
Total Credits 26-39

****Prerequisite: PSY201; BT113 or WR115 or designated placement test score.

Earn an additional certification by completing one of these two Specialty Track areas and the certification exam:
Or get started toward completion of another certification or degree program in healthcare by choosing one of these Specialty Tracks: