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Class Schedule

Department: Business Technology
Term: Winter 2017/18

Course #Name of CourseDaysTimeInstructorPlaceCr.Tuition*Sec. #Notes
RWC, Redwood Campus, Grants Pass
BA109Ready, Set, Work: Techniques for Landing A JobTu 8AM - 950AMKitchen, JessicaRWC-CH22$208.00011
BA131Introduction to Business Computing Mo We 9AM - 1050AMPolen, MelissaRWC-CH54$416.00012, 3
BA211Financial Accounting I Mo We 9AM - 1050AMWillhite, TedRWC-CH24$416.00034
BA280CWE/Business Technology TBA0AM - 0AMBagwell, Robert (Bob)TBA1$104.00015, 6
BA285Advanced Business Applications: Excel Tu Th 1PM - 250PMJohnson, KellyRWC-CH64$416.00017
BT113Business English I Tu Th 1PM - 250PMBattrick, MariaRWC-I14$416.00018
Business Math I Mo We 1PM - 250PMBagwell, Robert (Bob)RWC-G34$416.00029, 10, 11
Technical Writing Tu Th 6PM - 750PMBattrick, MariaRWC-CH64$416.000112
RVC, Riverside Campus, Medford
BA101Introduction to Business Tu Th 10AM - 1150AMBagwell, Robert (Bob)RVC-B144$416.00R18
BA131Introduction to Business Computing Mo We 8AM - 950AMGraham, JoyceRVC-B154$416.00R12, 3
BA212Financial Accounting II Tu Th 6PM - 750PMWillhite, TedRVC-B144$416.00R113
Business Law Mo We 6PM - 750PMR. GRAHAMHEC-3094$416.00R114
BA280CWE/Business Technology TBA0AM - 0AMWillhite, TedTBA1$104.00R15, 6
BA282Applied Business Statistics Mo We 1PM - 250PMWillhite, TedRVC-B154$416.00R115
BA285Advanced Business Applications: Excel Tu Th 9AM - 1050AMPatterson, Cynthia (Cyndy)RVC-B184$416.00R17
Human Relations in Organizations Mo We 6PM - 720PMKitchen, JessicaRVC-B143$312.00R18
Business English II Mo We 11AM - 1250AMGraham, JoyceRVC-B184$416.00R116
WR227Technical Writing Tu Th 11AM - 1250AMGraham, JoyceRVC-B184$416.00R112
Distance Learning (Web Courses)
Introduction to Business TBA0AM - 0AMPolen, MelissaWEB4$416.000117, 8, 11, 18
BA101Introduction to Business TBA0AM - 0AMBagwell, Robert (Bob)WEB4$416.000217, 8, 18, 11
Ready, Set, Work: Techniques for Landing A JobTBA0AM - 0AMHoeber, JoannWEB2$208.00R317, 19, 1, 20
BA109Ready, Set, Work: Techniques for Landing A JobTBA0AM - 0AMHoeber, JoannWEB2$208.00R41, 17, 19, 20
BA109Ready, Set, Work: Techniques for Landing A JobTBA0AM - 0AMKitchen, JessicaWEB2$208.000217, 19, 1
BA131Introduction to Business Computing TBA0AM - 0AMGraham, JoyceWEB4$416.000317, 18, 2, 11, 3
BA131Introduction to Business Computing TBA0AM - 0AMGraham, JoyceWEB4$416.000217, 18, 2, 11, 3
BA177Payroll and Tax Procedures TBA0AM - 0AMWillhite, TedWEB3$312.000117, 21, 22
BA206Management Fundamentals TBA0AM - 0AMWade, Randall (Randy)WEB3$312.000117, 21, 23
BA213Managerial Accounting TBA0AM - 0AMMarti, LindaWEB4$416.000117, 18, 24
BA218Personal Finance TBA0AM - 0AMJones, KennethWEB3$312.000117, 21, 25
BA223Principles of Marketing TBA0AM - 0AMBagwell, Robert (Bob)WEB3$312.000126, 21, 27, 17, 11
BA224Human Resource Management TBA0AM - 0AMBagwell, Robert (Bob)WEB3$312.000117, 21, 28, 11
Business Law TBA0AM - 0AMWade, Randall (Randy)WEB4$416.000114, 11, 17, 18
Advanced Business Applications: Excel TBA0AM - 0AMPolen, MelissaWEB4$416.000217, 7, 18
BT101Human Relations in Organizations TBA0AM - 0AMNielsen, AaronWEB3$312.000317, 8, 21, 11
BT106Advertising TBA0AM - 0AMPolen, MelissaWEB3$312.000117, 21, 29, 11
Conflict Management TBA0AM - 0AMWade, Randall (Randy)WEB2$208.000117, 21, 30
BT113Business English I TBA0AM - 0AMHoeber, JoannWEB4$416.000217, 8, 11, 18
BT121Digital Marketing and e-Commerce TBA0AM - 0AMBagwell, Robert (Bob)WEB4$416.000117, 18, 31
Customer Service TBA0AM - 0AMPhillips, JodeeWEB3$312.000117, 21, 28
CS125WWWord Processing Applications TBA0AM - 0AMPolen, MelissaWEB3$312.000117, 21, 32, 3
WR227Technical Writing TBA0AM - 0AMNatali Olson, LindaWEB4$416.000212, 17, 18, 11
  1. Prerequisites: BA131 or CS120 and BT113 or WR115.
  2. Prerequisite: CS60 or documented proficiency.
  3. Requires a SNAP code which is bundled with the textbook sold in the RCC Bookstore. DO NOT buy a used textbook or one from a 3rd party source.
  4. Prerequisites: BA131 or CS120; BT160 or higher level math.
  5. Permission of CWE advisor is required to register.
  6. Prerequisite: BA109.
  7. Prerequisites: CS120 or BA131; MTH65 or BT160 or higher.
  8. Prerequisites: RD30 or RD90 and WR30 or WR90, or designated placement test scores.
  9. Prerequisites: MTH20 and RD30 or RD90, or designated placement test scores.
  10. A Texas Instruments BA II Plus or BA-35 calculator is recommended.
  11. Requires Internet access and familiarity with Rogue Online course management system.
  12. Prerequisites: BA131 or CS120; BT114 or WR121; CS125ww and graphics ability or desktop publishing skills strongly recommended. Public speaking ability is an asset.
  13. Prerequisite: BA211.
  14. Prerequisites: RD30 or RD90, and BT114 or WR121, or designated placement test scores.
  15. Prerequisites: BA131, MTH243, and BA285 or CS125ss.
  16. Prerequisites: BT113, LIB127 and BA131 (may be taken concurrently); CS125ww recommended.
  17. Offered as a Web-based class over the Internet. Information about Web-based classes and required orientations are at All online teachers expect students to participate in the class during the first week of the term. Check the syllabus and course orientation to find out what the teacher expects and by when. Students not participating during the first week may be subject to administrative drop.
  18. Distance learning fee of $40, in addition to regular tuition, will be assessed.
  19. Distance learning fee of $20, in addition to regular tuition, will be assessed.
  20. Students are required to complete a 15-minute, in-person mock interview at the Riverside Campus starting in Week 10 of the term. Students should contact the instructor to arrange a specific time and location.
  21. Distance learning fee of $30, in addition to regular tuition, will be assessed.
  22. Prerequisites: BA131 and BA211 or BT151; BA285 or CS125ss recommended.
  23. Prerequisites: BA101; BT101 recommended.
  24. Prerequisite: BA212.
  25. Prerequisites: BT160, RD30 and WR30.
  26. Prerequisite: BA101 recommended.
  27. Prerequisites: RD30 or RD90; BT113 or WR115.
  28. Prerequisites: BT101 or PSY101; BT114 or WR115 and RD30; BA206 and BT102 recommended.
  29. Prerequisites: BT114 or WR121 and RD30; BA223 recommended.
  30. Prerequisite: BT113 or WR115.
  31. Prerequisites: BT113 or WR115 and BA131 or CS120.
  32. Prerequisite: CS120 or BA131.