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Step 1: Find and Plan COLLEGE NOW Courses at Your High School

High school students are encouraged to take college courses to complete a certificate or plan of study rather than courses at random. In this manner, students leave high school not only with a high school diploma but also with a college credential that will apply to further education and be listed on a resume right away.
With careful planning students can complete their first year of college or earn a college certificate by the time they graduate high school. This gives students a substantial head start on their college education and future career. The Oregon Transfer Module (OTM) completes the first year of general college education requirements for the Oregon University system.
Please review the recommended High School Entry Points to plan a course of study you would like to pursue.
After planning on a path to pursue, high school students can view a list of classes available at their high school that are free offerings through RCC's COLLEGE NOW program, taught by approved high school teachers who meet certain qualifications.
High school students who have exhausted the free COLLEGE NOW offerings at their high school are encouraged to think about taking a traditional RCC class at an RCC campus or online (from RCC faculty). These courses are called Early College courses and are discounted/billed to your school district (if your school agrees). Personal costs for this vary; check with your high school's RCC liaison regarding costs and school funding. Some schools may ask students to reimburse them fully or partially.