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Step 2: Register for COLLEGE NOW Classes

Registration for a COLLEGE NOW class is a 2-step online process detailed on a registration flyer that your instructor will hand you. The steps are:
1. Obtain an RCC ID  (This creates your RCC student account).
2. Register with a Permission Code. (Students will obtain a registration flyer with a permission code directly from their instructor for each COLLEGE NOW course they are in).

Notes: Refer the Password Help document if needed. The registration flyer directs you to the high school student START NOW link.

You must register for COLLEGE NOW classes by the deadline listed on the course registration flyer you will receive from your instructor. COLLEGE NOW high school instructors will remind students of the deadline.

In general, students in COLLEGE NOW courses that are aligned with RCC fall term enroll in September. COLLEGE NOW courses aligned with RCC Winter term enroll in late November and the month of December. COLLEGE NOW courses aligned with RCC Spring term enroll in March and early April.  Ask your instructor about which RCC term your high school course is aligned or check the table of your school's COLLEGE NOW offerings.

See Important COLLEGE NOW deadlines which also align with the RCC Academic Calendar for the RCC term assigned to the course.

All regular deadlines for the RCC term are enforced (including the withdraw with a "W" on your transcript deadline). 

See also the Pathfinder Handbook for High School Students.