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<NEW> Storytelling for Animation

Fall term 2017: Cancelled

Instructor: Phil Young


Here’s a chance to take the first step in becoming the next writer of a hit film for Disney, Dreamworks or Pixar!

Have you ever wished you had writing skills that enabled you to entertain or inform an audience?  When you see a good film or read a good book, the idea of telling a story may seem deceptively simple, but taking the step of creating a story of your own quickly becomes too difficult, and you give up!

Now, with the help of Phil Young, a former Disney Animator with a long history in film as well as story communication, you’ll learn how to structure your ideas in a logical and clear-cut method.  You’ll quickly learn to put your ideas across to an audience using storyboard panels, holding their interest in any story setting you may choose, all the way to an effective conclusion.

Whether you aspire to write professionally, or just want to have a glimpse of how the “Pros” do it, this will be a great starting point!


SMALL SKETCHBOOK, (around 5”x 8” is good).
POST-IT NOTES (you’ll be using a bunch of those to work out rough thumbnail drawings and written info.).
One large piece of inexpensive ILLUSTRATION BOARD (to stick your ideas and drawings to for presentations and critiques).
All these items will be available at Central Art supply or Michael’s.