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Community Basketball - Who's Got Game?

Josephine County
Course Day Dates Time Place Cost
.058-C1 Tu 1/17-3/7 6:30-7:50 pm RWC-GYM $40

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Course Descriptions

Do you enjoy the competitive nature of basketball and love to shoot, guard, play zone, steal, run-and-gun, rebound, run out the clock, block, sink free-throws - basically everything involved with hoops? Then this class is for you, and any teen or adult that has a passion for basketball. You will have the opportunity to burn calories, build endurance, improve balance and coordination, and develop concentration with other individuals that share your love of the game on RCC's fantastic indoor basketball court. You’ll be ripping the net every time!

8 sessions. 
Instructor Qualifications and Experience, Daniel Lebowitz

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