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Course Plan by Session - Animation



CLASS 1: Introductions. Overview and discussion of class itinerary.  Assign theme for class.

Lecture and demos; basic anatomy and styling for animation.  Individual consultations. . Review materials list. All materials will be used at next class, and will be brought to each session for in-class work sessions.  Class viewing of instructor examples. 

Assignment; Initial Designs, due next class.

CLASS 2: Presentation of Initial Designs and informal critique. Instructor lecture and demo of Maquette construction. Begin in-class construction.  Individual consultations.

CLASS 3:  Continue in-class work on Maquettes.  Class should have first layer of Sculpey completed by end of this session!  Individual consultations.

CLASS 4:  Finishing work on Maquettes!  Completed piece due by end of next class.

CLASS 5: : Final Presentation of Maquettes and  Class critique.

Lecture and demonstration of optional work; Turn-Around Model Sheet.