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Dog Obedience Training: Adult Basic

Canceled. Please check back summer term!


Class overview:dog school

Traits we will be covering; Focus (watch me),
 Leave it,
 No, Off,
 Heel (at all paces and with turns,)
 Sit - stay,
 Down - stay,
 Stand - stay,
 Exercise finish,
Releasing the dog from work,
 Sitting politely for petting or meet and greets, Being left with friendly stranger,
 Walking through a crowd politely,
 Meeting a friendly dog politely,

We will also be covering students personal goals, nutrition and exercise, basic body language, training tools, positive reinforcement versus aversive methods, grooming, first aid, and separation anxiety.
As well as how, why, and when these traits become useful in everyday occurrences and how, why, when to apply them.

The goal of this class is to help dog owners live an easier less stressful way of life with their adult dog that incorporates and improves synchronicity, bond, understanding of the dog and communication, improvement and understanding of behaviors and lastly improve dogs drive to do well! We will be introducing good dog mannerisms, and habits with positive reinforcement methods within the handler(s). We will cover all of the AKC “basic obedience commands”. We will also be working towards better Canine Good Citizenship, which this course is loosely based on as well.  We will also identify individual goals and incorporate them into curriculum.
Dog, 9 months and older must be NON AGGRESSIVE, up to date on vaccinations (with proof) and licensing requirements with (proof),
Open mind
Every Sunday, 11 am
April 8th, April 15, April 22nd April 29th, May 6th, May 13th (in public assessment), May 20th, May 27th, June 3rd and June 10th (doggy BBQ and completion celebration)
Most classes will take place at RCC in Grants pass, on the track, and sports field.
If held somewhere else it will be on May 13th and June 10th. Location to be determined in the first few sessions and be local.
6ft leash
Flat collar
100+ m&m sized training treats (not crumbly) in ziploc bag or treat pouch.
A couple toys
Water (from a source dog is used to)
Doggy waste bags
Something for dog to lie down on (mat, blanket)
Notebook, and or planner
Please dress for weather, appropriately.
Always wear closed toed activewear shoes.
Treat pouch
Choke Collar
Prong Collar
Easy Lead, Head halter
Freedom harness
Couple towels
30ft leash (clothesline with clasp is a good substitute)