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Spanish I - Beginning

Summer term 2017


Course Day Dates Time Place Cost
.601-M1 M 7/10-8/28 6:00-7:20pm HEC-217 $69

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Fall term 2017 (registration begins August 14)


Course Day Dates Time Place Cost
.601-M1 M 9/25-11/27 6:00-7:20pm HEC-219 $69


Course Description

The goal of the class is to achieve a familiarity with the basics of the Spanish language and learn some common conversational skills.

This level will cover basic structure such as:

  • vowels
  • consonants
  • numbers
  • days of the week and months of the year
  • regular verbs ending in ar-er-ir
  • verbs for “to have” (tener) and “to be” (estar and ser)
  •  conjugation in the present, future and past tenses
  • articles and adjectives use
  • simple sentence construction
  • question words
  • greetings
  • basic conversational practice
  • spelling practice

Students will work with the provided handouts. The students repeat each line of the conversation together and individually. Themes for basic discussion and other activities will take advantage of the student’s learning styles and particular abilities and strengths.

Spanish Home / Community Education Home 541-956-7303