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Volunteer Tutor Training

Course # Class Day Dates Time Location Tuition
.779-C1 Volunteer Tutor Training TBA TBA TBA Redwood Campus $0
.779-M1 Volunteer Tutor Training TBA TBA TBA Riverside Campus $0
Course Description:picture of a tutor helping a student

Work one-on-one with students in small groups, or as classroom aides to improve basic reading, writing and math skills, and for GED preparation or English as a Second Language. To earn one credit, register for ED125.

More information is available at 541-840-8075.

Tutor Description:

Adult Basic Skills and English as a Second Language Tutors and Mentors

Basic skills programs for adults offer instruction reading, writing, mathematics, and computer skills. This instruction is provided through Adult Basic Skills (ABS) programs for Basic Skills Review and General Educational Development (GED®). Adults who need to learn basic reading, writing, and math skills attend classes tailored for their needs and study independently in a learning lab with assistance from qualified instructors.

Tutors are needed to assist these students achieve their academic goals in language arts (reading/writing), basic math, science and social studies. Tutors can work as classroom aids or one-on-one with students outside of class time to reinforce classroom learning.

Tutors are also needed to assist students learning English in the English-as-a-second-language program with listening, speaking, pronunciation, vocabulary development and writing. Simply having conversations with native-born English speakers 1 -2 hours per week, outside of class, is very helpful for these students as they develop speaking and listening skills. Tutors do not need to know any other language to tutor ESL students, but should be able to clearly speak, read and write English. Tutors help in classes and/or work one-on-one or in small groups outside of class.

Tutors are also needed in the ABS department to serve as mentors to assist students wishing to transition into regular college classes. Assistance may be to help with the placement test, advising, registration and the financial aid processes.

Besides helping students gain academic skills, tutoring is a great way for tutors to acquire, practice and enhance teaching skills. Many tutors are interested in being getting a certified credential in TESOL (Teaching English as an Other Language) and tutoring in our program can provide the hands-on practicum experience required. Tutoring also provides the practicum experience for students seeking a degree in Adult Education. Also, tutoring and mentoring in RCC’s ABS department can provide the tutor the experience to fulfill the Service Learning requirement for RCC’s AA/AS degree programs.

Training, materials, supervision and assistance are provided by the tutor coordinator.

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