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Write Your Life Story

Winter term 2018:
Mondays  |  1/8-3/19  | 10-11:50 a.m.  |  RVC-A11  |  Cost: $69
Instructor: Dorothy Heyne
Don’t let the story of what you’ve done, felt, and experienced get lost in the busy pace of life. This is your chance to tell it all or just some of it. Each week you put a little more down, then share that with the class, and those pieces add up to your book. Write your autobiography, memoirs, family stories, personal experiences or regional histories. Learn to self-publish in small print runs. Consists of nine sessions. 
Class Plan
My class plan in general:
1. Get you started.
2. Keep you going.
3. Have fun!”
“Dolly has everyone write some each week about a piece of their lives. Then they read that to the class the next week, and so on throughout the 9 sessions of class. By the end of each term, there’s enough to put together into a publication. She’ll also take you through the process and ways to get published.”
Student Testimonial:
“The class seems so short - but that is because it is so interesting. It is pretty straight forward. The students make the class (in addition to the teacher of course). Dolly was fun and she always had good feedback and suggestions. A real gem!”
From Dolly:
"My writing started when I wrote a Christmas card to a longtime friend describing the driving adventures of my sixteen year old son. She kept asking for more and my son obliged by providing seemingly endless material.”