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Peer Support Specialist

Peer Support Specialist Certification Training

Next course offering: Spring 2018

M/W, 4/2 - 6/4, 5:30 p.m.- 8:45 p.m, HEC-Rm TBD, Cost: $399

RCC's Continuing Education department is pleased to offer a new 56-hour Peer Support Specialist (PSS) certification training, approved by the Oregon Health Authority, which will allow participants to register as a peer support specialist within the state of Oregon. PSS are one of the five newly-recognized traditional healthcare worker professions within the state of Oregon.  (Rogue Community College also offers Community Health Worker certification training, another traditional health worker profession.  For more information on CHW training, please visit the CHW website.)

A PSS provides support, encouragement , and assistance to mental health consumers by promoting activities that foster recovery and empowerment.  A PSS is also a consumer advocate who facilitates linkage to needed services and activities. As a member of the treatment team the peer specialist provides expertise and consultation to the team to promote a culture in which each client’s point of view and preferences are recognized, respected, and integrated into treatment.

To be a PSS, a person must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Not be listed on the Medicaid provider exclusion list
  • A self-identified person currently or formerly receiving mental health services

Peer support specialists are usually employed by departments of mental and public health, clinics, community care organizations, or nonprofit organizations. This 56-hour, non-credit course is offered as an in-class training. All class sessions take place at RCC Riverside Campus, HEC bldg. Attendance is mandatory for all sessions to receive a certificate of participation. Facilitated by:  Matthew Havniear and Angela Stiles. Registration starts March 5th. For additional information or assistance with registration, please contact Sierra Gilkey at 541-956-7461 or