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CASE Employment Support


Below are some useful Guides and Informational articles that have been funded through an RCC grant called CASE ~ Your Connection to Academic Support and Employment.

Resume Guide

In addition to getting you started on putting your resume together, you will also find useful links to assist in content that should be in your resume.

Cover Letter guide

No two cover letters should be alike. This guide assists with helping you to deliver your strong qualities for each individual position. This does not mean that you cannot use the same information in each cover letter but does mean that each cover letter should be tailored to the position you are applying for.

Career Portfolio

Putting together a career portfolio can assist with streamlining your professional details for when you apply for jobs or when you are trying to decide what to share with possible employers. This will save you time and energy and allow you to focus on the details of what you want to share. Plus this is another resource for considering what details you may have missed on your resume.

Job Application Materials

The Main Points Great reminders in this for dos and don'ts on applications.

Sites for Job Postings

This is a list of sites to visit as you look for current opening. Another reason to look at postings is to see what the current job market terminology trends are. Meaning what words you should be using on your resume.

Job Networking Tips

Networking may sound intimidating, but it can be rewarding and fun, even if you're shy or feel like you don't know many people.

Emailing your Resume Etiquette

This is a short outline to help ensure you are keeping with standards and doing your best to make a great first impression.

Articles on ways to use Email to Network

Two articles on how to use email to start networking.

Informational Interview Guide

This is a general overview with links to videos and resources at the end.

Guide to Creating an Effective LinkedIn Profile

Think of LinkedIn as Facebook for Business (PowerPoint presentation, 5 megs)

10 Tips to Keeping your Job

When the current job is not all that you hoped for, keep in mind that it is often easier to get a job when you have a job. While hunting for your next job opportunity keep these tips in mind.