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CWE Instructions for Application

Student may NOT begin work at job site until:

  1. CWE Agreement and Learning Objectives are received by CWE office.
  2. Student registration is complete

After student and instructor have arranged a CWE training site, the following pages of this packet must be filled out completely.

Student, instructor, and employer must agree to all pertinent items within this Agreement Packet, signing where indicated in the document. Please always use the most updated Agreement Packet on the CWE Web page.

  1. Page 1 and Page 2 are to be returned to the CWE office. All signatures must be complete except for the CWE Office Representative. These pages may be scanned as a .pdf attachment to The pages may be routed by the CWE instructor through intercampus mail.
  2. CWE Students placed at any RCC Campus to complete CWE hours must also complete a Volunteer Agreement Form. Fill out form and submit with Volunteer (student) and RCC Supervisor signatures. The CWE office will obtain the "Department Head/VP/Dean" and "Human Resources" signature(s) required. This packet should be returned to the CWE office, along with Page 1 and Page 2 of the CWE Agreement Packet. Keep copies of all pages for reference (Student, CWE instructor, and site supervisor).
  3. In addition, if your student will: have unsupervised contact with students/clients or unsupervised access to handle money, work with data sensitive information, or operate dangerous equipment, the student will need to complete a Criminal Background Check. Please turn the CBC packet in with the Volunteer Agreement Form (page 3 of the CBC packet is for the applicant to keep). If you have questions about whether or not this might apply to your student(s), please consult Christine Murff, Payroll, Retirement, and Leave Programs Coordinator: (541) 956-7025.
  4. Student and CWE instructor will be notified via email when CWE credits are registered. Credits are usually registered within one business day. If there is missing information or further questions, student and instructor will also be alerted right away.
  5. Students must communicate any changes with their CWE site to their CWE instructor. CWE credits should not be dropped or withdrawn without discussing the situation with their CWE instructor. If a student moves from an "unpaid" to "paid" status, that must be communicated to CWE office. It is important the unpaid hours worked are reported for Workers' Compensation purposes.
  6. Please make sure student is aware of the RCC Student Code of Conduct and Procedures, found through the RCC Website.


Thank you following the directions and adapting to these revisions. Please direct questions to Jennifer Burkes, (541) 956-7066 or

Last Updated: 10/26/2018