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Class Schedule

Department: Criminal Justice
Term: Winter 2017/18

Course #Name of CourseDaysTimeInstructorPlaceCr.Tuition*Sec. #Notes
RWC, Redwood Campus, Grants Pass
CJ280CWE/Criminal Justice TBATBDMorris, ChristineTBD1$104.00011, 2
TRC, Table Rock Campus, White City
CJ94ROLEA Module 4: Legal and Investigative Concepts IIITu Th 6PM - 950PMRenfro, RichardTRC-184/184A0$104.00R12, 3, 4
CJ95ROLEA Module 5: Legal and Investigative Concepts IVTu Th 6PM - 950PMRenfro, RichardTRC-184/184A0$78.00R12, 3, 4
CJ96ROLEA Module 6: Police Skills Proficiency I Tu Th 6PM - 950PMRenfro, RichardTRC-184/184A0$52.00R12, 3, 4
CJ194ROLEA Module 4: Legal & Investigative Concepts IIITu Th 6PM - 950PMRenfro, RichardTRC-184/184A4$416.00R12, 3, 4
CJ195ROLEA Module 5: Legal & Investigative Concepts IVTu Th 6PM - 950PMRenfro, RichardTRC-184/184A3$312.00R12, 3, 4
CJ196ROLEA Module 6:Police Skills Proficiency I Tu Th 6PM - 950PMRenfro, RichardTRC-184/184A2$208.00R12, 3, 4
CJ221Law II: Constitutional Criminal Procedure We 6PM - 950PMHeckert, ElseTRC-1014$416.00R15, 6, 7
CJ280CWE/Criminal Justice TBA0AM - 0AMMorris, ChristineTBA1$104.00R12, 1
Distance Learning (Web Courses)
CJ100Foundations/Ethics in Criminal Justice TBA0AM - 0AMHenriques, JeanineWEB4$416.00R18, 9, 10
CJ201Juvenile Delinquency TBA0AM - 0AMThomson, GreigWEB4$416.00R18, 9, 10
CJ214Crime, Justice and Diversity TBA0AM - 0AMHenriques, JeanineWEB4$416.00R18, 10, 11, 12
CJ220Law I: Substantive Law and Liability TBA0AM - 0AMHuddleston, MarkWEB4$416.00R113, 8, 10
CJ243Drugs, Crime and Addiction TBA0AM - 0AMHenriques, JeanineWEB4$416.00R38, 9, 10
  1. Students should contact their advisors for information about the course.
  2. Permission code is required to register. Contact instructor before term begins for more information.
  3. Special admission requirements and/or law enforcement agency sponsorship may apply. See advisor for details.
  4. Class also meets all day on some Saturdays. See instructor for details.
  5. Additional hours outside of scheduled class time required for credit. See instructor for details.
  6. Prerequisites: RD30 or RD90; BT113 or WR115.
  7. Prerequisite: CJ220.
  8. Offered as a Web-based class over the Internet. Information about Web-based classes and required orientations are at All online teachers expect students to participate in the class during the first week of the term. Check the syllabus and course orientation to find out what the teacher expects and by when. Students not participating during the first week may be subject to administrative drop.
  9. Prerequisites: RD30 or RD90, and WR115 or appropriate placement test scores.
  10. Distance learning fee of $40, in addition to regular tuition, will be assessed.
  11. Prerequisites: CJ100, RD30 and WR115.
  12. Prerequisite: CJ120 recommended.
  13. Prerequisite: CJ120.