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Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant

When to Apply

Applications Have Been Reopened For Summer:

Apply Now!!

Applications Close:

April 1, 2018

Next cohort starts Summer Term:

Classes begin July 9, 2018

Mandatory Information Session

Please call Carmen Mons to arrange for an information session.

Dental Assistant Information Sessions are required to gain access to the program application.

If you are unable to attend, please all Carmen Mons at: 541-245-7750.

Maps of RCC campuses

All classes are held on the Medford RCC campus.

What is a Dental Assistant?

A dental assistant is the one who greets the patient as they go into the dental office for treatment.  Often being the person who helps the patient who is a little afraid, become more comfortable.  They work closely with the Dentist to provide quality care for the patient.  A dental assistant can work independently with an Expanded Functions certificate (from the Dental Assistant National Board).  A dental assistant is a vital team member that helps the flow of the entire office go smoothly.  A dental assistant whom graduates from RCC and successfully passes the five Nation Board exams will be prepared to enter the workforce with the skills the dentist is requiring for a great career.

Why become a Dental Assistant?

This is a field that has been projected to expand by 18% by 2024, which means that job opportunities will become increasingly more abundant in the upcoming years.  Dental assistants enjoy exciting, varied assignments, steady work schedules, respect, and prestige. With the right credentials, you can:

  • Work for a private dental practice.
  • Work at a dental clinic, performing a variety of services.
  • Work for a federal, state, or local government agency.

A career as a Dental Assistant offers great hours and benefits, and with RCC’s one-year certificate program you can get into the workforce quickly.  Dental Assistants reap the benefits of a flexible schedule and gratifying career.

How to Apply

To become an RCC student fill out an online admission application from the options.

Contact Career Services to help you prepare for the AHO program interview.

This is a competitive program and not all qualified applicants may be accepted. There will be a waitlist established for those not accepted into the cohort immediately in case new clinical space is open or students decline their seats in the cohort. Any application received after the application deadline will be waitlisted.

How much will it cost?

This program is Financial Aid eligible and earns a State approved Certificate. Other financial support may be available for individuals that qualify. Funding for the Dental Assistant program is available for students awarded the SOHOPE grant.

This program is 48-53 credits at $99 per credit for Oregon residents for a range of $4752-$5247 (not including prerequisites and fees).  Go here for more detailed tuition rate information.  Due to the rapidly changing nature of health care and associated costs, the following are only estimates.

Books $988 per year
Fees, materials, and board exams $5159 per year
Certified Background Check $55 per year
Immunization Review* $20 per year
*Any update on immunizations will be an additional cost.


Are you currently working in the dental field and want to enhance your skills?

As a currently working dental assistant you can prepare for Dental Assistant National Board (DANB) exams including Radiology and Expanded Functions Dental Assistant (EFDA).  The RCC Dental Assistant program will allow current Dental Assistants with at least 6 months of current employment to attend classes without formal admittance into the program.  As a Workforce student taking courses rather than being fully admitted into the DA program, you will enhance your education and dental knowledge, but you will not earn college credit or be eligible for financial aid assistance.  For more information call 541-245-7750 or e-mail:

Additional Questions Contact:
Carmen Mons BSDH, RDH, EPP
Training Services Coordinator
Dental Assistant Program
541-245-7750 or