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Class Schedule

Department: Diesel Technology
Term: Winter 2017/18

Course #Name of CourseDaysTimeInstructorPlaceCr.Tuition*Sec. #Notes
TRC, Table Rock Campus, White City
DS131Diesel Engine Dynamics and Diagnosis Fr 10AM - 1150AMDaw, Theodore (Ted)TRC-1642$208.00R11, 2
DS131ADiesel Engine Dynamics and Diagnosis Lab A We 10AM - 350PMPheley, KempTRC-1643$312.00R12
DS131BDiesel Engine Dynamics and Diagnosis Lab B Th 10AM - 350PMPheley, KempTRC-1643$312.00R12
DS134Basic Electricity for Diesel Technicians II Mo 10AM - 1150AMPheley, KempTRC-1642$208.00R11, 3, 4, 2
DS134Basic Electricity for Diesel Technicians II Tu 10AM - 1150AMPheley, KempTRC-1642$208.00R22, 1, 4
DS134ABasic Electronics for Diesel Technicians II A LabMo 12AM - 350PMPheley, KempTRC-1642$208.00R13, 2
DS134BBasic Electronics for Diesel Technicians II B Lab Tu 12AM - 350PMPheley, KempTRC-1642$208.00R12
DS141Heavy Equipment Power Trains Fr 12AM - 150PMDaw, Theodore (Ted)TRC-1642$208.00R11, 5, 2
Heavy Equipment Power Trains Fr 12AM - 150PMGlynn, JesseTRC-1622$208.00R22, 1, 5
DS141AHeavy Equipment Power Trains Lab A Tu 10AM - 350PMDaw, Theodore (Ted)TRC-1663$312.00R12
DS141BHeavy Equipment Power Trains Lab B We 10AM - 350PMDaw, Theodore (Ted)TRC-1663$312.00R12
DS233Computerized Vehicle Management Systems Mo 6PM - 850PMDaw, Theodore (Ted)TRC-1643$312.00R11, 6, 2, 3
DS233AComputerized Engine Management Systems Lab ATu We 6PM - 950PMEvernham, Ronald (Dean)TRC-1644$416.00R12
DS280CWE/Diesel Technology TBA0AM - 0AMPheley, KempTBA3$312.00R37, 8
DS280SCooperative Work Experience Seminar: DieselFr 530PM - 620PMKitchen, JessicaTRC-125B1$104.00552
DS290Diesel Repair Lab II TBA0AM - 0AMPheley, KempTRC-1663$312.00552
  1. Students must enroll in corresponding lab section.
  2. Permission code is required to register. Contact instructor before term begins for more information.
  3. Additional hours outside of scheduled class time required for credit. See instructor for details.
  4. Prerequisites: AM111 or DS111 and AM120 or DS120, or approval of instructor.
  5. Prerequisites: AM111 or DS111; AM120 or DS120.
  6. Prerequisites: DS131 and DS232.
  7. For office use only; not for printed schedule.
  8. Permission of CWE advisor is required to register.