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Class Schedule

Department: Diesel Technology
Term: Spring 2017/18

Course #Name of CourseDaysTimeInstructorPlaceCr.Tuition*Sec. #Notes
TRC, Table Rock Campus, White City
DS113Diesel Engine Overhaul Mo Tu 10AM - 1120AMPheley, KempTRC-1643$312.00R11, 2, 3
DS113Diesel Engine Overhaul We Th 10AM - 1120AMPheley, KempTRC-1643$312.00R23, 1, 2
DS113ADiesel Engine Overhaul A Lab Mo Tu 1130AM - 220PMPheley, KempTRC-1663$312.00R13
DS113BDiesel Engine Overhaul B Lab We Th 1130AM - 220PMPheley, KempTRC-1663$312.00R13
DS120Diesel Trades Practices TBA0AM - 0AMDaw, Theodore (Ted)TRC-1663$312.00553
DS120ADiesel Trades Practices A Lab TBA0AM - 0AMDaw, Theodore (Ted)TRC-1663$312.00553
DS151Heavy Equipment Brakes Mo Tu 10AM - 1120AMDaw, Theodore (Ted)TRC-1503$312.00R11, 3
DS151Heavy Equipment Brakes We Th 1130AM - 1250AMDaw, Theodore (Ted)TRC-1643$312.00R23, 1
DS151AHeavy Equipment Brakes A Lab Mo Tu 1130AM - 220PMDaw, Theodore (Ted)TRC-1663$312.00R13
DS151BHeavy Equipment Brakes B Lab We Th 1PM - 350PMDaw, Theodore (Ted)TRC-1663$312.00R13
DS190Diesel Repair Lab I Mo Tu 230PM - 520PMPheley, KempTRC-1643$312.00R14, 3
DS190Diesel Repair Lab I We Th 230PM - 520PMPheley, KempTRC-1643$312.00R23, 4
DS260Hydraulic Systems for Heavy Equipment Fr 6PM - 750PMDaw, Theodore (Ted)TRC-1642$208.00R11, 5, 3
DS260Hydraulic Systems for Heavy Equipment Th 6PM - 750PMBeltz, DarrellTRC-1642$208.00R23, 1, 5
DS260AHydraulic Systems Lab A Th 6PM - 950PMDaw, Theodore (Ted)TRC-1642$208.00R13
DS260BHydraulic Systems Lab B Fr 6PM - 950PMBeltz, DarrellTRC-1642$208.00R1
DS275Preventative Maintenance Inspection Mo 6PM - 850PMEvernham, Ronald (Dean)TRC-1643$312.00R11, 6, 3
DS275APreventative Maintenance Inspection Lab A Tu We 6PM - 850PMEvernham, Ronald (Dean)TRC-1643$312.00R13
DS280CWE/Diesel Technology TBA0AM - 0AMPheley, KempTBA1$104.00R13, 7
DS290Diesel Repair Lab II TBA0AM - 0AMPheley, KempTRC-1663$312.00553
DS290ADiesel Repair Lab II TBA0AM - 0AMDaw, Theodore (Ted)TRC-1663$312.00553
  1. Students must enroll in corresponding lab section.
  2. Corequisite: DS190.
  3. Permission code is required to register. Contact instructor before term begins for more information.
  4. Corequisite: DS113.
  5. Prerequisites: AM111 or DS111 and AM120 or DS120, or approval of instructor.
  6. Prerequisites: DS113, DS131, DS151, DS160, DS232 and DS270.
  7. Prerequisites: DS111 and DS120.