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Signing Up for an EMT Course

ES131 and ES131L (EMT, part 1) are limited-entry: You do not register for them the same way you register for other classes at RCC.  In order to be enrolled in the EMT course, the online process described below must be completed first.

Entrance into an EMT course is not a competitive process. The classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis BUT ONLY WHEN YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE STEPS OUTLINED BELOW. We will not “hold” a spot for any student whose documentation is incomplete. Classes often fill long before the listed due date, so start early.


  • You must first be admitted as an RCC student. Your RCC ID# is required on the registration form.
  • You must complete a placement test or provide proof of one of the following:
    • RCC Placement Test taken with scores placing into RD90, MTH20, and WR90 (or higher) OR
    • RCC courses completed at or above RD90, MTH20, and WR90 (or higher). OR
    • Submit transcripts from prior colleges showing completed coursework at or above these levels to the RCC Enrollment Services office.
Signing Up
  1. Establish an account with Castle Branch, an organization that RCC uses to review immunization records and other documents.
    1. Go to 
    2. Select "Place order"
    3. Enter package code: RP29im
  2. Complete (typed, not hand written) all required forms (available on their site and below).
  3. Collect complete records of all required immunizations (listed on their site and below).
  4. Upload all required documents to your Castle Branch account.

After Castle Branch has verified that the documents are complete, we will send you an access code that you will use to register for these courses.

This link will show you the Required Documents

NOTE: If you purchased an account with Castle Branch (or Certified Background) prior to April 2018, you will need to contact them and ask them to transfer your account to the 2018 RP29im Tracker. Some additional or updated documents may be required.

If you have questions about your Castle Branch account, problems uploading documents, or need information on why your records weren't accepted, contact Castle Branch directly (email address and phone numbers are on their page).

If you have questions for RCC about this process, contact Clinical Coordinator Rusty Riis at

Additional Requirements

Prior to the start of the EMT course, you will also be required to complete a 10-panel drug screen and pass a criminal background investigation ($76.75). DO NOT COMPLETE AT THIS TIME!

If you have any questions about your background and whether it will prevent you from completing the mandatory clinical  component, contact Clinical Coordinator Rusty Riis at