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Instructional Design and Assessment Council (IDAC)


The Instructional Design and Assessment Council (IDAC) 

The Instructional Design and Assessment Council (IDAC) is a standing committee composed of faculty members and led by the Instructional Design and Assessment Department.  This committee supports departments in the program review process in several ways:

  • The Chair provides guidance on the development of the program review time line, self-study, and presentation.
  • Members of IDAC are responsible for providing peer feedback to departments on their program reviews.
  • Members of IDAC conduct exit interviews on the program review process as part of the continuous improvement of the process itself.

IDAC encourages and supports outcome-based curriculum development and faculty participation in program planning, curriculum design, learning assessment, and program improvement based on assessment results.  If you would like to join IDAC, please read the additional information below and speak with your dean for approval of this assignment.  Then ask your dean to contact Lori Sours (x7803),

Current membership: 

Lori Sours, IDAC chair Instructional Design and Assessment (FT)
Robert Felthousen Library Services (FT) and Allied Health Occupations (Adj)
Kiersta Fricke-Gostnell Adult Basic Skills (FT)
Jeanine Henriques Criminal Justice (FT)
Carolyn Oates Library Services (Adj)
Terrie Sandlin Academic Success and Allied Health Occupations (Adj)
Jim Shaw Emergency Services (FT)
Dorothy Swain Science (FT)


Additional information about IDAC:

1.       The initial IDAC membership (in January 2017) was chosen to represent a mixture of full-time and adjunct faculty,  members from the three main campuses (RWC/RVC/TRC), and faculty from both career technical education and general education.  It was approved by the Instructional Leadership Group. 

2.       We started with a small group in order to ensure that we could accomplish the initial task of developing the rubric, which was an assignment that came from the Vice President of Instruction.

3.       The rubric was developed from the Program Review document and follows it closely, also incorporating the language of the rubrics used by our accrediting agency, Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).

4.       The commitment from each IDAC member is that we score each program review self-study and attend (if possible) the presentations or watch the recordings.

5.       IDAC members are committed to consistency in scoring – while we didn’t have time to meet and discuss our scores for all of the program reviews, we did this with the first one (Business Tech) to establish some degree of inter-rater reliability.  IDAC is the only place where we can be sure that the peer feedback is given in the context of these clarifying discussions.

6.       IDAC members continue to take seriously the commitment of their time and energy to provide honest feedback through the reading of the self-studies, listening to the presentations, filling out the rubrics as conscientiously as possible, and meeting regularly to review our mission and our charge, and to continue to deepen our understanding of assessment.