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Blackboard Workshops

old photo of a teacher with a young studentAre you looking to improve your online class, brush up on your mad-wicked Blackboard skills, or maybe just looking to get out of the rain? Come to one of my workshops -- seriously, we'll have a great time -- you'll learn new things, make new friends, and really, what else are you going to do on a Friday? Binge watch The Walking Dead on Netflix? OK -- that's a pretty good idea actually -- but why not come to a workshop, too? I promise I won't eat your brains.

Blackboard Boot Camp, Winter, 2017

Riverside Campus: B-18        Redwood Campus: CH-2

What do you think about getting together and putting some of your coursework online? Put your videos and tests online and start freeing up a little class time for the good stuff, you know… hands on, practice, labs, group work, collaborations… things that require students being together. Or heck, let’s just stay in our jim-jams and put the whole thing online!

  • Adjunct (part-time) faculty will be paid meeting rate ($20/hr) to attend
  • An awesome professional growth opportunity (impress the boss at your next evaluation!)
  • Improve the quality of your online/face-to-face course, and make your students happy!


Download a copy of the Blackboard Boot Camp Manual.

Friday, Jan. 20th – 10:30am to 2:30pm in B-18 @ Riverside Campus (Medford)

Friday, Jan. 27th – 10:30am to 2:30pm in CH-2 @ Redwood Campus (Grants Pass)

Image:Taken circa 1951, Waimea Heights School, teacher with students - Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office -- Licensed under Creative Commons. Some rights reserved.