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Extended Options

Do you want to complete a certificate or other RCC plan but not all of the courses required are available through your high school teachers' free COLLEGE NOW offerings?

Do you want to take RCC campus classes while in high school part-time?

If so, you need Extended Options courses!
Extended Options courses are:
  • RCC courses taught by RCC faculty at an RCC campus, either online or in person.
  • Taken by high school students at any Rogue Valley high school with the intention of completing an RCC certificate or other plan.
  • Available to all high school students at a discounted rate (provided the courses are arranged through the high school's liaison and high schools are billed directly). Check with your high school about student costs and if your school has any other funding available. 
  • Courses that your high school may or may not apply to your high school diploma. Check with your high school liaison or counselor.
  • Courses that will require the RCC Accuplacer Placement Test, available at your high school.
Notify us of your interest:
  • Student interest form– Students, parents, and teachers may fill out this form for individual student interest in RCC's Extended Options program. Students should approach their high school counselor or designated RCC liaison about their interest as well.
  • High School Contracted Courses Interest Form – High school administrators, instructors, or staff should complete this form if they are interested in purchasing an RCC-faculty taught course in its entirety to be taught to a group of high school students. 
Student Directions:

Meet with your high school liaison to:

  • Discuss your career and educational goals
  • Select an RCC entry point (Oregon Transfer Module, certificate or other plan)
  • Review the free COLLEGE NOW classes at your high school and the discounted traditional RCC courses needed to complete your selected program.
  • Complete an educational plan or follow provided high school specific flyer for your program.
  • Review student costs with your high school liaison.
  • Discuss if classes will or will not apply to high school diploma requirements.
  • Discuss when you can take the RCC Placement Test at your high school.

Complete/submit the Pathfinder Application, including personal statement to your high school liaison.

Obtain RCC ID# by applying to RCC online.
It is recommended that you authorize parents/guardians (if desired) to have access to your RCC student account/records during this process. The application will provide an area to give their names.
Record RCC ID# and password; you will need these items for registering for classes.

Enroll in the selected RCC course by logging into your myRogue account and registering with the permission code that will be provided to you by your liaison.

Monitor drop deadlines and your RCC student record for accuracy.

It is the student's responsibility to complete the above steps.

Note for homeschooled high school students: You may take RCC classes just like any community member. Resulting courses and grades will become part of your RCC transcript and it is the responsibility of the student/parent to ensure such classes will meet and apply to homeschool/high school diploma requirements per state requirements. Homeschooled students are responsible for all course costs and there is currently not a discount. Homeschooled students seeking financial help are encouraged to contact the schools that are participating in our Early College program to see how they might assist you on a part-time or full-time basis in taking RCC classes.