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If you are interested in joining the AAWCC-RCC Board, please email us at

Qualifications and Terms of Office

Any member of the chapter will be eligible for office.  Each officer will serve a minimum one-year term.  Each officer and board member will promote the mission of the AAWCC-RCC and facilitate interaction among women.

Titles and Duties of Officers

President - the President will:

  • Call and preside at meetings of the chapter and board.
  • Coordinate activities of officers and committees.
  • Appoint committees deemed necessary by the board.
  • Make an annual report to the membership regarding activities.
  • Serve as spokesperson for the chapter.
  • Take responsibility for the operation of the organization between board meetings.
  • Delegate responsibilities to other officers, including chairing of meetings.
  • Serve as chair of the executive committee.

Past-President - the Past President will:

  • Serve on the executive committee and board.
  • Coordinates the nomination process for OILD participants.

Vice-President – the Vice President will:

  • Coordinate annual election process.
  • Review financial records quarterly including check register and bank statements.
  • Coordinate nomination of at least one outstanding woman at RCC for annual fall conference and/or through awards or other methods deemed appropriate by the board.

Campus Contact – the Campus Contact will:

  • Promote attendance at the AAWCC-Oregon fall conference and summer retreat.
  • Help recruit members for local and state chapters, including nominees for local and state board.
  • Distribute AAWCC-Oregon newsletter and other information received from state and national chapters as requested.
  • Maintain and update the list of AAWCC-RCC membership, including group e-mail.
  • Contribute and solicit news about RCC women and other articles of interest to the AAWCC-Oregon Vice-President of Communications, as requested.
  • Attend or appoint a substitute to attend annual AAWCC-Oregon fall conference campus contacts breakfast and report to AAWCC-RCC membership.
  • Secure RCC donation(s) for AAWCC-Oregon fall conference auction and raffle.

Coordinator, Events/Fundraising – the Coordinator, Events/Fundraising will:

  • Be responsible for the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the annual AAWCC-RCC retreat.  All Board members will assist with coordination of the Annual Retreat
  • Coordinate at least two (2) fundraising events per year (one for student scholarships) and (one for chapter scholarships and activities).
  • Secure donations and raffle prizes for the silent auction and/or raffles at fall and spring RCC in-service activities when needed.
  • Recruit members for the “Race for the Cure” event for the state chapter and/or local “Race for the Cure the or “Relay for Life” events.

Treasurer – the Treasurer will:

  • Maintain proper financial records and make regular financial reports to the board, and present an annual statement to the president to include in the report given at the annual retreat and to the AAWCC-Oregon Vice-President, Finance, as requested.
  • Deposit funds in the chapter’s account.
  • Disburse funds as directed by the board.
  • Prepare an annual budget for board approval.
  • Provide financial records quarterly to the president-elect for review and accountability.
  • Serve as chair of the committee for approval of AAWCC-RCC scholarship requests.
  • Provide verbal report at Board meetings and present a written report at the annual retreat.

Secretary – the Secretary will:

  • Keep the minutes of the meetings of the board and AAWCC-RCC chapter.
  • Scheduled the rooms for the board meetings and may assist with event room scheduling.
  • Maintain bylaws, including updates and revisions, and provide AAWCC-RCC Webmaster with current, approved bylaws for posting.
  • Maintain the chapter’s records including but not limited to newsletters, retreat records, photographs, memorabilia and other documents and things of historical significance.

Historian – the Historian will:

  • Coordinate and maintain the chapter’s records including but not limited to newsletters, conference records, photographs, memorabilia and other documents and things of historical significance.
  • Carry out any other special projects assigned by the board.

Source: AAWCC-RCC By-laws