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Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings: Steel and Structural Worker

Trade Coordinator: Andie AndersonPre-Engineered Metal Building

Open Announcements for Applications
Southern Oregon PEMB JATC (MA# 5026)

Application process is open year-round with a closure in the summer and winter for two weeks.

  • Applications can be picked up at the designated located listed below:
    • Rogue Community College, Table Rock Campus at 7800 Pacific Ave., White City OR 97503
    • Be sure to sign the Applicant Log

Reminders and Next Steps:

  • Application will be turned back in completed and have attached documentation of minimum qualifications met.
  • Incomplete applications and applications that do not meet the minimum requirement will not be considered for an interview.
  • Applicants who meet minimum requirements will then be notified of an interview.
  • Interviews are held every 2-6 months.
  • Applicants will then be placed in the ranked pool of eligible applicants – placement is determined by points obtained in the interview.
  • Applications and making the list of ranked pool of eligible applicants does not ensure instant employment. Please do not quit any job or turn down possible employment while you are waiting to be called by a training agent!

The Training Program:

  • The total amount of on-the-job training hours are 4,000
    • Some work processes that will be taught include:
      • Hoisting: rigging, ground control signals, etc.
      • Assembly: material planning
      • Structural: framing, fitting up, etc.
      • Trim and Flashing
      • Field Adaptation
      • Reading Job Plans and Specifications
  • 144 hours of related classroom training is required every year an apprentice is registered in the program
    • Some courses include:
      • Construction Math
      • Blueprint Reading
      • Bolting and Aligning
      • Erecting Bays
      • Among others

Minimum Requirements:

  • 18 years of age
  • High School or GED Certificate