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AM232 Handouts

AM232 Computerized Engine Management Systems (7 credits)

To view this material, you will need to have the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. This program is free to download from

These files are available to view or print anytime. Many of these will be handed out during class. Some of these documents are quite large, please respect others when printing this material. They may take a LONG time to print.

Gene's Class Notes
These notes were taken by one of our students about 3 years ago. There may be some typo's but overall this is a great summary of the material that is covered in this course.
Complete EP Guide
This guide is about 200 pages of highly focused material. This training was kindly supplied by GM STD Division. It covers engine design, all the way up to advanced computer system strategies. This is probably the most accurate and in-depth information you will ever come across.
Chrysler Emissions Guide
This is an excellent description of the chemical reactions that occur during the combustion process. It will go a long way in helping you understand the relationship between Fuel Systems and emissions. It may be a little deep at first, but as class goes on it will help light the way.
OBDII Diagnostic Systems
This details the Advanced OBDII system that was Federally mandated starting in the 1996 model year.
Electrical Energy
This handout covers many of the aspects of modern electronics. Topics include Ohms Law, Watts Law, Electromagnetic Induction, Transistor Operation, and many others. You MUST have a thorough working knowledge of this material if you are going to succeed in this course.
Early Domestic DTC Testing
This covers DTC diagnosis on Pre-OBDII Domestic vehicles. Good reading and reference material.
Early Import DTC Testing
This covers DTC diagnosis on Pre-OBDII Import vehicles. Good reading and reference material. This document lists procedures you will not find in any manual.
Domestic OBDII DTC Descriptions
This covers all Domestic DTC's (Both Generic and OEM). This is from 1998, so there may be some codes that are not listed.
Older Ford DTC List w/3 to 2 digit conversion
This lists the Pre-OBDII Ford codes and includes a conversion chart. Although most of this information is in the service manuals, this document lists them in a convenient format.
ASE L1 Advanced Engine Performance Specialist Composite Vehicle (Type 2)
This is the ASE L1 Composite vehicle (Type 2) from the ASE Website. In class we will primarily be using the ASE Type 1 vehicle specs.
Air Bag Q & A (NHTSA)
This is a general Q & A list from NHTSA. NHTSA is the governing body in regards to vehicle safety standards.
Air Bag Switches
This Document lists some of the issues regarding Air Bag Switches
Basic Air Bag Operation
This is an overview of Air Bag operation.
Chrysler CCD System Overview
This is a great description of Networked Computer System operation. Even though this particular handout is Chrysler specific, the operation and communication paths are fairly standard industry wide.
Diesel Fuel Facts
Fun facts about Diesel Fuel (OK, maybe not fun, but facts...)
HEUI Diesel Fuel Injection
Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injection...this is one type of Diesel EFI system.
Stepped ECT Chart
This is the voltage chart for the "Stepped" ECT used on many GM and some Chrysler vehicles.
GM EI Ignition Systems
This handout covers the vast majority of GM EI systems. It has comprehensive wiring diagrams and descriptions.
GM C60 Air Conditioning
This information is NOT available in the factory service manual. This document covers the GM C/K Pickup C60 A/C system in depth. This handout is a great reference.
Variable Valve Timing
Good physics of cam dynamics and upcoming OBDIII heated cats.
Gasoline Direct Injection
Very good article about Gasoline Direct Injection...for more advanced DI system info, go here: Orbital Engine Technologies