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Practical Nursing

Basic Health Care Certificate
with Practical Nursing Specialty Track

The power of the BHC is in its flexibility to meet your individual goals and career aspirations. The example below is a recommended option that is based on the specified program guide. It successfully meets the BHC requirements and leads directly into your desired field. Additional coursework is required beyond the BHC to complete some expanded certificate or degree programs. Some specialty tracks require admission through a limited entry application process that could restrict student accessibility.


Course # Credits
BI121 Elementary Anatomy and Physiology I w/lab 4
PSY101 Psychology of Human Relations or
BT101 Human Relations in Organizations
CS120 Concepts in Computing I w/lab 4
HE261 CPR 1
HCI120 Intro to Health Care Industry 3
AH100 Medical Terminology: Introduction 3
MTH65 Fundamentals of Algebra II or higher level math 4
WR121 English Composition I 4
PN Specialty Track (choose 9 credits)  
  NA101/NA101C Nursing Assistant 9
  Total 37

*Practical Nursing requires BI121 and BI122 level Anatomy and Physiology