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  • People with jobs are employed.
  • People who are jobless, looking for jobs, and available for work are unemployed.
  • People who are neither employed nor unemployed are not in the labor force.
AccountingCoach was started in 2003 to help people throughout the world learn and refresh their understanding of basic accounting and bookkeeping at no cost. AccountingCoach is compatible with any textbook. This free website contains explanations of major topics, links to definitions, quizzes, puzzles, Q&A, exams, videos, visual tutorials, and much more to enable people to improve and retain their accounting and bookkeeping skills. All you need to increase your knowledge, confidence, and value is access to the Internet.
While AccountingCoach is free, AccountingCoach PRO is an additional option (for a fee) which contains premium materials such as interactive exams, visual tutorials, videos, and more. PRO also contains the content found on in high-quality PDF format so you can download and print all of our materials.
Annual Reports
Annual Reports provides an alphabetical listing of over 2200 annual corporate reports from almost all of the Fortune 500 companies.
Census Population Clock
Provides an up-to-date projection of U. S. and World population. Useful when conducting demographic research.
Census Scope
CensusScope is an easy-to-use tool for investigating U.S. demographic trends. Students can use it to better understand graphs and the power of explaining complex data in a graphic form. Maps are used to demonstrate demographics on a county-by-county level.
Chronicle of Higher Education
Includes articles impacting higher education. Also provides a national listing of job openings in academia. Updated weekly.
County Offices is the most accurate internet database of county government offices in the United States. Search by state and county for animal shelters, county assessor, board of elections, chamber of commerce, colleges, courts, DMV, hospitals, libraries, post offices, private and public schools, law enforcement, and much more.
Department of Labor
Provides legislation information and key labor statistics for businesses in the United States.
INC. Magazine
Includes many interesting facts and articles of interest to the business owner/student. Also articles from current issues of the magazine. Updated daily.
Online Calculator
Gathered from sites across the Web, iFigure is a collection of interactive online calculators and worksheets to help make decisions such as buying a home, investing money, calculating profits, and making statistical comparisons. Business tools include worksheets for finding accountants, helping entrepreneurs and small business owners manage their finances, and calculating the cost savings of discounts.
Oregon Blue Book
The Oregon Blue Book is an official state directory and manual concerning state, county, city, federal and tribal governments, with related general information. The Oregon Blue Book is published in the spring of odd-numbered years by the secretary of state.
Oregon Business Guide
A comprehensive guide for those doing business in Oregon.
Quick MBA  provides business news to help businesses quickly find the knowledge tools they need.  This site provides a comprehensive list of resources on topics usually covered in a typical MBA program including accounting, business law, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, management, marketing, operations, statistics, and strategy.  Additional information can be accessed using short tutorials and links to educational sources.
Small Business Administration
Information on Starting, Financing, and Expanding your small business.
Small Business Recruiting and Hiring Guide provides a collection of resources and introductory articles to help small businesses navigate the process of hiring employees. Topics include How to Design a New Job Position, How to Write a Job Description, Writing a Killer Job Posting, Finding Qualified Job Applicants, Small Business Recruiting Strategies, How to Interview Job Candidates, and Job Interview Questions to Ask Applicants. This free web resource has been used by dozens of chambers of commerce, libraries, and colleges around the world.
Small and Home-Based Business Library
Created by SBDCNet, this site is a comprehensive business reference site for owners of small and home-based businesses.
Unemployment Statistics (by state)
This site is maintained by Google with the information provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Presented in line-graph format, the basic concepts involved in identifying the employed and unemployed are quite simple:
Urban Legends
Ever wonder if the stuff you read on the Internet is fact or fiction?  If so, check this page out.  There are many categories of interest that you can click on and find out if the latest information received by e-mail if really true or not.