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American Sign Language (ASL) in Grants Pass

Instructor: Galen Garretson


A ten week course designed to introduce students to the basics of American Sign Language. Much of the class is nonverbal in nature. You will learn signs by modeling the teacher. Areas covered will include how to introduce yourself, exchange personal information, and discuss your surroundings. You will also learn the 40 basic handshapes of ASL which help you to form signs correctly.
During the class you will have the opportunity to interact non-verbally with other students and your teacher. Activities will include both structured and unstructured dialogues, with the opportunity to interact with deaf guests. Aspects of the deaf culture compared to the hearing culture will be discussed.
You will have the opportunity to review all vocabulary from the ASL I course. You will also learn how to describe and discuss different living environments, discuss your immediate family and other relatives, and state your opinions and make plans. Activities will include both structured and unstructured dialogues.