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American Sign Language (ASL) I & II, Medford

Instructor: Velma Foust 

Beginning :
Learn to speak with your hands. Developing the skills and knowledge needed to communicate in ASL is valuable for helping others, family communications if someone is deaf, and just plain fun as a new mode of expression! You will be introduced to basic sign language vocabulary and fingerspelling. In addition, you will learn various aspects of Deaf culture and history.

Intermediate :
Enjoy signing with others that have gone beyond the basics. You’ll make new connections with students that are more aware of deaf culture and signing. You will build on the skills you have already gained from ASL I and continue to improve your signing. Emphasis is on sign vocabulary, language structure, grammar and culture. Deaf as well as hearing students welcome.

Student Testimonials:

“Velma is a great teacher. It's nice to have someone that is so enthusiastic and fun. When I first heard that my teacher was deaf, I was worried that I would have an even harder time trying to learn sign language but it actually made it better. Her perspective and background mixed with her enthusiasm makes for the perfect teacher for this class. I look forward to going to class each day and always leave knowing more than when I got there.”
“It goes by so fast because we are learning and having fun!  Velma is an excellent teacher.”
“I am hoping Velma will continuing teaching Sign Language at RCC, it is such a great experience for me to take this class from a deaf woman. Velma has such enthusiasm for teaching. I also appreciate that this class is offered two days a week. My mother and father in-law are deaf so I am highly motivated to improve my sign language skills.”

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