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Basic Beekeeping

beekeepingInstructor: Sharon Schmidt

Honeybees are fascinating! They are also necessary for some food production. This introduction to beekeeping is an opportunity to find out if you think you might really like to become a beekeeper!  This three-day class allows the student to Identify the many roles and functions of bees in a hive and review their lifecycle, correctly identify drones, queens and worker bees and describe their function/importance to the hive. You will also learn to describe the parts of a Langstroth hive and compare with other hive types.  Students will also learn the effects of environment (weather, forage, water and pesticides) on hive temperament and health, correctly identify at least 10 basic parts of honeybee anatomy and describe their function.  To better understand honeybee health issues we will teach you the characteristics of at least three honeybee diseases and help you to learn about the effects of varroa destructor mite proliferation in a hive and what beekeepers do to help such a hive.  You will also learn about honeybee behaviors evident when orienting and robbing, correctly describe 5 important safety measures when working with bees, state duties of a responsible beekeeper in maintaining honeybee health and good relations in a community and how to locate and state the ordinances governing beekeeping in your community and how to find community bee resources for further learning.

Your fee includes a textbook as well as some protective equipment. The first two classes will be held in the classroom and the third at an apiary. The apiary date is subject to change due to weather conditions. It is recommended that if you are highly allergic to stings, that you do not take The Apiary portion of this course. You will be required to sign a waiver indicating your awareness of the risks and benefits and what we can do to mitigate those. Print, sign and bring the waiver with you, or waivers will be available in the classroom.

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