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Beginning Drawing - Class Plan

Week 1 - Intro to class. Students will introduce themselves. Blind contour drawing from 3D objects. Thin and medium point Sharpie markers will be used.

Week 2 - Critique last week’s work and homework. This activity is done each week. Upside down drawing from teacher handouts. Students will learn how to break objects into shapes and complete under-drawing/block-in and composition.

Week 3- Grid Technique. Tiger as subject matter.

Week 4 - Using conte crayons, students will work with shape, light, shadow, and shading of a still life made up from geometric objects.

Week 5 - Perspective from a “natural’ way of achieving it and a technical approach.

Week 6- Introduction to the face as self-portrait, real-life observation.  

Week 7- Figure drawing, review and evaluation of the class.

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