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Belly Dance for Health & Wellness!

Wednesdays  |  10/3-11/28 |  6-7:15 p.m.  |  Ayesha's Oasis Studio  |  Cancelled


Bring your friends and experience the Grace, Power, and Joy of Belly Dance!  This class is a healthy, supportive 75 minutes of ME TIME, that won't make you fat, give you a hangover, or bust the budget. You will feel proud of yourself for doing something healthy, learning something new, and developing YOU with more Grace, Power, and Joy.
Idena has been training with master instructors, instructing locally and internationally, and performing belly dance since 1995. She is educated in body mechanics and emphasizes safety and healthy dance habits. Learn more about Idena at Now is the perfect time to Learn To Belly Dance. Welcome!
20 years of dance training, performance, and teaching experience. I am a retired RN as well.
Idena Suzanne