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Bucket List for Fitness

Instructor: Bill Jennings

bucket list for fitnessThis course is a goal-oriented fitness and strength-training program specifically designed for people aged 50 and over.  The program combines activities that address both cardiovascular and muscular fitness to enhance overall balance, flexibility, strength, and endurance.  Individual fitness programs are developed based on the participant’s current physical assessment and their desired objectives, whether the objective is simply fitness to safely perform activities of daily living (ADL); to achieve levels of fitness suitable for participation in specific sports, i.e. golf, hiking, skiing, etc.; or for exotic travel. 

OBJECTIVES: As a result of this course, participants will:

  • Gain a rudimentary understanding of the anatomy and physiology of muscles, tendons, bones, and joints.
  • Be made aware of the importance of proper nutrition, especially as it relates to the maintenance of proper balances in general, overall body composition and chemistry.
  • Understand the importance of muscle balance throughout the body.
  • Develop a strong sense of “self-efficacy” and fully understand the importance of a lifetime of fitness as it relates general physical and emotional health and how fitness positively affects mortality.
  • Know the safe and proper methods of resistance training using body weight, free weights, exercise machines and other equipment.
  • Be able to develop and maintain personal, goal-oriented training plans.

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