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Class Plan by Session - Jewelry and Metalsmithing

The class allows students to work on projects at their own pace.  The following is a flexible schedule.
Week 1:     Introduction to the course: discussion of material list, techniques to be covered, tour of the studio and facilities and a review of safety standards. Power Point presentation of relevant work and past student projects.  Introduction to the first project, tool orientation, pattern layout techniques, sawing, drilling and annealing.
Week 2:     Filing and beveling for clean-up, tube riveting. Introduction to surface finishes: sanding/polishing, hammer finish and roller printing.
Week 3:     Using patinas.  Work time for Project 1.
Week 4:     Introduction to lost wax casting, wax types, tools and techniques used in waxwork. Discussion of potential for three-dimensional forms and wax exploration.
Week 5:     Discussion of designs for wax.   Demonstration on spruing a wax model and investing.  Discussion on specific gravity of metal and the formula to determine amount of metal needed to cast.
Week 6:     Discussion on burn-out and casting as well as finish work for casting.
Week 7:     Introduction to soldering.  Demonstration of samples, sweat soldering, soldering jump rings and right angle soldering.  Discussion on casting versus fabrication. Discussion of simple soldering project.  Begin soldering projects.
Week 8:     Introduction to bezel setting.  Demonstration on clean up and finish work for soldering.
Week 9:     The importance of quality craftsmanship and finish work on soldered pieces.  Review of safety, the techniques that have been taught and the importance of planning to ensure success.
Week 10:   Work time for projects leading to possible completion.

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