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Course Plan by Session - ASL II (Grants Pass)


Week 1: Review vocabulary and handshapes from ASL I

Week 2: Introduction to living environments, what you live in and where you live

Week 3: How you travel about, with emphasis on appropriate distance facial expression and body movement

Week 4: Learn signs related to your immediate and extended family

Week 5: Discuss your family with other class members, including who they are and how they are related

Week 6: Practice using signing space around you to place people and talk about them

Week 7: Learn about activities and how to state your opinion about those activities

Week 8: Learn time signs and the significance of specific time indicators

Week 9: Create a calendar of your activities and share with other students

Week 10: Wrap up – Field trip: Pizza challenge. Meet at local pizza parlor. After entering no voicing is allowed. Use knowledge acquired during previous 9 weeks to converse with other students, teacher and any guests.

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