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Dog Training: Introduction to Scent Training

dog schoolInstructor: Brian Carvalho from Pawsitive Dog of Southern Oregon

Intro to Scent Training is the next level after Nosework. You will now take the scent and pair it with high value treats. This means each time your dog alerts to food they are also breathing in the scent of birch. This is called pairing. We will be pairing in containers and as dog progress in this level, we will also start to pair to vehicles and exterior environments

We will also be working with leash handling skills and the recognition of change in behavior and how to read this in your dog.

Material needed will be high value treats, a 6-foot leash and a 10-20ft leash.

Classes are held outside on the Redwood campus track/field and are subject to weather conditions. Dogs will remain on leash at all times.


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