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Drawing with Color Pencils - Materials

You should bring what you have and the instructor will advise you on purchases at the first class. However, you can buy these in advance as you wish.
Instructor Terri Regotti has advice and instructions and for materials:

ONLY PRISMA BRAND color pencils will be used.

Shop around via the internet (Chaselle; Dick Blick; Cheap Joe’s; Amazon; Books- A-Million; Pearl’s etc. and local venues (Central Art Supply; Michaels’; Office Depot or Max; Craft Warehouse; Jo’ Anne’s etc. Local venues offer 40- 60% off coupons in the newspaper and their Apps, or website).

Keep your receipts so you can return supplies if you need to or if you are in doubt about what you are purchasing.
PENCILS: If you can buy Prisma pencils for $1.00 to 1.50/ pencil, this is a deal! They normally sell for around $2.00/pencil or more. Buy the biggest box, you can afford. The largest box sold is 150 pencils. You could buy a box of 60 and supplement the colors you need by buying pencils individually.
PAPERS: They come in many shades of white (stark white to creams) and smooth (HOT PRESS) or textured (COLD PRESS). I recommend that you purchase a pad (11” x 14”) of a very white, smooth paper and pick up some architectural vellum paper which is transparent and smooth and creates photographic effects. Buy a sheet of it. I do not recommend investing in a whole roll etc., until you decide if you like it.
You'll also need:
Good hand pencil sharpener
Craft knife for trimming pencils
Blender Prisma color (check to see if it is included in your box)
Paper stumps, also called tortillions
Erasers: latex, and kneaded
Number 2 pencil
Masking tape
Drawing board (I recommend Masonite of Acrylic about 16” x 20”)
Bring many excellent quality photos of what you plan on drawing, or bring three-dimensional objects if you are working from a still life.
Register Here, or call 541-956-7303