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Elk Hunting for Success

elk running through a meadow An interactive lecture class that covers ethics, gear and guns, strategies, scouting tips, still hunting, stand hunting, spot and stalk, blood, snow and dry land tracking, reading signs, defeating the elk's defense system (visual, audible and smell), shot placement, elk movements (seasonal, diurnal and weather related), packing out and care of meat.

Additional Information:

Payment is required at time of registration to confirm enrollment. Refunds are not available for any reason unless class is cancelled by Continuing Ed or RCC. If class is cancelled, a full refund of tuition will be made to student. RCC cannot provide a refund for purchased supplies.

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Please refer to the RCC webpage for any inclement weather updates. If classes are not being held on a particular day due to weather or some other condition or emergency, the class will likely have a make-up day. We recommend that all students sign up for RCC Alerts by going to Any emergency closures or inclement weather notices are provided to this notification.