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Financial Planning Classes

finance classes with Russell McAlmond for Community Ed

Instructor: Russell McAlmond MBA, MSFS, CFP, AFC
Certified Financial Planner

How to Become Rich!

Wealth creation does not come from just wishful thinking. If you truly want to be rich there are steps and priorities you need to have. We will discuss these steps and help you to determine the best path to become rich. It will be a fun and exciting exploration how we can reach our financial dreams.

How to Spend Money Wisely:

We all may benefit by learning more about something we make decisions about everyday – spending money. This course will help you be able to determine if you are making good decisions and provide ideas for how to make better ones.  It may also completely change how you view money and what it can do for your life. Class will cover money mistakes, spending versus savings, credit cards and money planning.

Investing Money Wisely:

Almost anyone who works could become a millionaire! You will learn that there are some secrets for wealth accumulation and how to invest money once you have it. We will also discuss how to understand financial market history and where the best investment returns come from. Investing is not speculation but a solid long-term financial strategy.

Savings and Taxes:

A basic understanding of savings and taxes and how they affect our personal financial planning is valuable for everyone. Many financial decisions we make will be impacted by taxes. We will discuss some of the most important taxes that most individuals encounter in their daily lives. Taxes are not the most interesting subject, but we will try to make the class fun with real life examples.

Using Living Trusts:

Living Trusts allow you to pass on your property to your beneficiaries without probate. Trusts also provide for incapacity during your life since you can name a successor trustee. Nonetheless, living trusts are not for everyone. We will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this estate planning tool and try to understand the benefits and drawbacks.

Russell McAlmond Bio
I am a US Marine veteran and have an MBA and MSFS with specialization in financial services with an active license in financial planning (CFP). I owned and operated a registered investment advisory practice in Portland, Oregon before selling the company and moving to Grants Pass. I enjoy the opportunity to be able to teach others from the basis of both theory as well as my own successful experience in business. I have taught financial planning and other finance courses to hundreds of individuals including military members and adult learners. I have a high level of comfort in accounting, business, finance, human relations, technology and other business subjects.


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