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Instructor Qualifications and Experience - ASL (Medford)

Velma Foust

Photo of Velma Foust

New American Sign Language Instructor
Brings a Wonderful Skill-Set

What are Velma Foust’s wonderful skills? She’s been deaf from birth but speaks fluently to those that have hearing, she's trained with a noted ASL educational expert, is very used to teaching hearing students, and loves to share her passion about communicating with sign language. Velma will start teaching beginning and intermediate ASL at the Higher Education Center in Medford on Thursday nights in summer term. She says about herself: “I started teaching ASL after working with Dr. Bill Vicars when I was in Sacramento. We would create videos for his ASL website I realized that Native ASL signers as instructors are few and far between. Teaching hearing people comes natural to me because I was raised with four siblings, three of whom are hearing. Some people, when they meet me, think I'm hearing because I can talk, but the reality is I can't hear ANYTHING. When growing up I went to a hearing school where I attended speech class twice a week, on top of my sisters and brother always helping me with my speech.” She welcomes all new students, experienced signers and those that are Deaf, promising a lot of fun. "We will play some games like telephone and hangman!"

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