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Italian for Travelers

Spring term 2018:

Thursdays  |  4/5-6/14  |  6-6:50 p.m.  |  RWC  |  Cost $79


Instructor: Jason Hayward

ItalyLearn Italian this spring, visit Italy in the summer! Have fun while learning about the Italian language and lifestyle. You will to speak basic Italian in critical travel situations and how to best utilize companion phrase books while on your journey.

Lesson 1 : "Greetings and Meetings" . Students will learn basic greetings, the fundamentals of pronouncing Italian vowels, and the role of gender in language. 
Lesson 2 : "In Class". Students will learn basic phrases and vocabulary to assist them in communicating simple tasks within a classroom setting. Said skills are designed to build students' confidence in speaking and in practicing proper pronunciation. Students are introduced to pronunciation of Italian consonants, derivatives, and the identification of idioms. Students are also introduced to the formal vs. familiar modes of speaking with others. 
Lesson 3 : "Numbers". Students learn to count in Italian, sett ing the foundation for learning about the Euro. Students are introduced to monetary vocabulary, how to tell time, and how to read Italian schedules. The concept of singular versus plural is also introduced. 
VeniceLesson 4 : "The voyage". Students learn how to ask questions and understand typical responses to common travel questions. Students learn how to ask for and receive directions when lost. The basic concept of Italian verb conjugation is introduced. Students are instructed in how to express their personal needs (hunger, thirst, etc.) in appropriate terms that avoid potentially embarrassing mistakes. Students learn the crucial verbs "to have" and "to be" and their uses. 
Lesson 5 : Review chapter of Lessons 1 - 4 . Students introduced to listening comprehension exercises via Italian music. 
Lesson 6 : "Chatting". Students continue to learn useful phrases (e.g. "Speak slowly, please." and "Where's the restroom?" etc.). Students are instructed in common conversational expressions and responses they will hear in Italy. Students will learn critical adjectives for describing themselves and preferences. 
Lesson 7 : "Home and Family". Students gain further exposure to Italian verbs, their uses and conjugations. Students learn how to discuss their families, homes, and preferences. Further introduction to irregular verbs. 
Lesson 8 : "Safety and Health". Students learn critical phrases and vocabulary designed to increase their ability to get help in emergency situations from medical, police, pharmacists, and bystanders. Students learn how to describe sicknesses and the parts of the body. More irregular, but essential, Italian verbs introduced. 
Lesson 9 : "The Hotel". Students learn how to reserve their room, request specific hotel services, and more irregular verb uses. 
Lesson 10 : "On the telephone". Students will learn common phrases for telephone conversation and how to reserve a room over the telephone. Students will learn about modal verbs and their uses. 
Lesson 11 : Review of all lessons incorporated.