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Knitting 101 & 201

Instructor: Christina Giles
This course is for a novice or someone who would like a refresher in the basics of knitting.  You will learn the basic techniques to get started which include: casting-on, knitting, purling, and binding off.  
The Websters 11 N Main St, Ashland 
1 Hank Plymouth Yarn (yarn brand) "Fantasy Naturale" (yarn type). This is 100% mercerized cotton yarn. Please have shop wind yarn into a ball. 
I set of Clover (brand) Bamboo US 7 - 24 inch OR 29-inch CIRCULAR knitting needles.
Total cost approx. $20.00
Michaels Craft Store 3475 Crater Lake Hwy, Medford 
1 ball Sugar 'n Cream "Lily Cotton." This is 100% cotton yarn. Yarn is already in a ball and ready to use.  
1 set of Clover, Bamboo US 7 - 24 inch OR 29-inch CIRCULAR knitting needles.
Total cost approx. $12.00
If you have needles at home, you can use these, but please check the size of your needles--should be a US 7 (US 8 could work too). Also, you may use straight needles if you already have them, but I guarantee you will be much happier with circular needles. Project pattern will be provided by instructor in class.

Now that you’ve learned the very basics, here’s your opportunity to expand your new knitting skills. You’ll be surprised how far you’ve come.
Pre-requisite: Complete Knit 101 or know how to knit, purl, cast on and bind off.
Pattern will be provided at first class
200 yards DK weight yarn or #3 on Craft Yarn Scale
US 8 24” Circular needles
Stitch Marker
Darning Needle

Christina Giles

Christina GilesI began knitting shortly after 911.  The world was so chaotic and I had a ton of anxiety.  I read an article that explained how knitting was “yoga for the mind.”  I was looking for something to quiet the storm in my head.  So…I took a class at a little yarn shop by my house in Long Beach, CA and that was it--I found the peace of mind I was looking for.  Knitting has been my passion for over 15 years now.  I worked in a beautiful yarn shop in Southern California where I also taught knitting for 10 years.  I recently moved to Southern Oregon and I love it here!  I also enjoy reading, hiking, craft beer and baby goats.