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Let's Draw Disney

Instructor: Phillip Young

phill young artDid you grow up seeing Disney films, getting entertained and taught an appreciation for the art of animated storytelling?  Here’s a chance to take on some drawing skills, and learn to draw some Disney characters the way the professionals do it! Whether you have some training or are just wanting to get started, Disney veteran animator Phil Young can show you a step-by process of how it’s done, along with an understanding of the reasons those designs came into being.

If you’ve ever wished you had skills that enabled you to produce these recognizable worldwide icons, this class can be a springboard to get you started. The only thing you phill young artneed is the desire to practice the methods you’ll be taught on a daily basis. Talent is learned, NOT INBORN! You may have attempted to draw versions of these seemingly simple characters, then find that taking that first step becomes elusive and too difficult, and you give up!

Now, with the help of this class, along with a good deal of practice, you’ll learn how to structure your drawings in a logical and clear-cut method. You’ll find the reward of being able to draw Mickey or Ariel and having viewers react with smiles of recognition!

Whether you aspire to draw professionally, or just want to have a glimpse of how the “Pros” do it, this will be a great starting point!

For each class meeting, you will need to bring a sketch pad, minimum 8”x10”, and pencils or pens to make notes and do in-class sketches. These will be required from the first class onward. The 24 sheet Strathmore Drawing pad is $6.29 at Central Art Supply and $6.99 at Michael’s, both stores in Medford.
In addition, you will need a larger format (11”x14”  is good) to bring to class for the drawing exercises, both in class and on your own. Along with some medium and soft art pencils, the total should come to less  than $20.00. We will also be using animation punched paper and peg bars available for purchase at Central Art Supply in Medford.