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Materials List - Bonsai



You can create and maintain lovely bonsai with a minimum investment in tools and supplies.

Please bring these tools to the second session of class:

- Tree or shrub to work on (how to choose a plant will be covered in first class session)

- Bonsai pot or other container

- Potting soil - 1-2 gallon size planter/pot should be plenty

- Tarp or plastic table cloth to cover your work area

- Shallow box to do you work in so that soil and trimmings are contained (kitty litter boxes work well)

- A small pair of garden clippers/pruners

- Chopsticks for tamping down the soil

More from the instructor:

I will provide other tools for use during class. You may also find bonsai pots at Goodwill and yard sales and can bring plants you have already. A friend told me she saw lots of pots at the GP Goodwill recently.

The first class period will focus on pruning principles and bonsai demonstration so you won’t need plants or pots until the second session, but you may bring plants and pots that you already have to the first session to find out if they will work.

The classroom, Z-1 is adjacent to a parking area so you won’t have to walk far from vehicle to the classroom with your supplies. Here is a map showing the location of the classrooms on the RCC website.