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Portrait Drawing

drawingInstructor: Jenay Elder
During this class students will become better versed in the fundamentals of composition and the human face. Students will improve their portrait drawing methods by practicing finding proportions, form and using a value scale. Students will become familiar with materials such as charcoal, white chalk, paper and graphite pencils. Artists will work closely with the instructor to create portrait drawings of classical casts *and live model.
1. Understand Composition by controlling proportions by setting a scale
2. Learn to Draw using angles and measurements
3. Practice using rule of thumb facial proportions
4. Practice using a value scale setting a “light and dark family”
5. Introduction to “Construction Drawing” using classical plaster casts
1. Charcoal Pencils
2. Large Charcoal Paper (18x24”)
3. White Chalk Pencil
4. Viva Paper Towels
5. Kneaded Eraser
6. Sandpaper
7. Easel
8. Masking Tape
9. Drawing Board
10. HB Pencil
11. Sharpener
12. 18x24” Pad of Strathmore Drawing Paper
13. Kneaded Eraser
14. Stump
About the Instructor:Jenay
Painter Jenay Elder resides and paints in Southern Oregon. With an early interest in painting Jenay studied art throughout school and independently before pursuing training in a classical fashion in a four year Atelier program. Jenay has continued her art education by attending workshops on composition and various oil painting techniques, while raising a family and teaching drawing and painting in Southern Oregon. 
With a childhood that was unusual and of modest means, Jenay has been an artist in the making for some time. (b.1985) She grew up in a family that moved more than not, living up and down the pacific northwest. Instead of soccer and gymnastics Jenay had free range of frozen tundra and subfreezing temperatures. 
Her childhood shaped her mind’s eye with fields of wild daisy flowers, the smell of giant lilacs at sunset, overgrown citrus orchards and getting lost on unruly bike rides. These experiences helped build a sensitivity to nature and allowed her time to soak in stillness with imagination.  A free range upbringing planted an ability to self entertain with creative projects and pursuits, inevitably leading to the art of picture making. 
Jenay developed a sharp eye for portrait drawing after studying cast and figure drawing with Soviet trained teachers at The Ashland Academy of Art. Since graduating the Academy (2010) she has pursued plein air painting. This practice has further shaped Jenay’s artistic vision by once again immersing herself in the poetry of soaking in a time and place.  On location, feeling cold and numb, listening to the piercing ringing of new, deep snow, this time without sock mittens; Painting gardens and flowers outdoors, absorbing the heavy perfume feeling the sun’s heat on a familiar shoulder plane. Jenay’s sensitivity leads her artistic process to choose subjects with insight and familiarity. During her process she attempts to express to others the joy that life offers by being present, breathing, and at the very least experience it herself. 
The joy of painting, of understanding light, atmosphere and composition and using a visual language to express the ideas behind her work have developed her process into a study of the now while always learning and finding new things to say and study. 
Jenay's work has been featured in several gallery shows, including the UVAA 30 under 30 exhibit and is in private collections around the world. She is a recent recipient of the Haines Foundation grant and has participated in numerous, regional plein air events, paint outs and shows.  Elder's original oil paintings are available through her galleries here. For reproductions, commissions or to schedule a workshop please contact the artist. 
Jenay also spends her time illustrating with her kids and has created a small line of children’s themed books available on amazon.