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Spanish, Levels I-IV

Spanish I: Why wait for a trip to Mexico? Get started on a language you can practice with native speakers, right here in the Rogue Valley. This class will teach you the basic communication skills for ordering food at restaurants, arranging transportation or getting directions, and bartering at markets when you travel. Covers common vocabulary and phrases, basic grammar, and past, present and future tenses.
Spanish II: Start working on saying more in Spanish and begin to get rid of your American accent. If you still enjoy learning this language that’s so often used worldwide, this is the class for you. A continuation of Spanish I, it covers regular and irregular verbs (present, present progressive, formal future, informal future and past tenses), the use of demonstrative adjectives and pronouns, and possessive adjectives and pronouns. 
Spanish III: Dive even more deeply into Spanish as the instructor focuses on how you learn individually, using your learning style and particular abilities and strengths in lessons. Reviews grammar, vocabulary, verb tenses, reading, writing and conversation. Covers verbs in present, present progressive, future (formal and informal), conditional and past tenses. Also includes the use of POR/PARA prepositions and reflexive object pronouns (reflexive verbs). All of them will be integrated through simple and complex sentence constructions, dialogues, text translations, role playing and reading. 
Spanish IV: Let the phrases flow! Really use your Spanish skills with others that speak the language well. Continues from Intermediate Spanish covering verb tenses of imperfect, present, past perfect and subjunctive forms. It will use direct and indirect object pronouns. All of the above will be integrated and articulated with each other through simple and complex sentence constructions, dialogues, text translations, reading, answering questions and several activities in the classroom that develop the four skills for foreign language acquisition – reading, writing, communicative abilities and linguistic performance skills.