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Video Game Design and Development

video game design and developmentInstructor: William Hennes

A hands-on game development and design class open to everyone 12 year and up, taught by an experienced industry instructor. We will use the latest industry standards in design and utilize the current off the shelf technology to build and design games. Class will cover the following concepts:

Game Mechanics - learn how to use pacing and themes, how to incorporate conflict resolution, and how to generate a challenge and reward system.
Game Balancing ‐ Students learn how to use level land game play design fundamentals to create levels that capitalize on their own designs, while also learning about communicating with players through a user interface.
Artificial Intelligence ‐ Students learn how to design intelligent behaviors and create reactions in characters in order to provide realism and computer opponents that continue to challenge players.
Game Art - Students will learn how to create their own graphics and animations. 

William Hennes Bio:
I am a seasoned interactive 2D, 3D Artist\animator and level designer, with highly developed conceptual visualization skills, and varied platform, and web environment experience. I love working in the ever changing interactive media landscape, and my interpersonal skills allow me to thrive in collaborative team environments.

Specialties: Animation, Character Design, Sculpture, Concept Art, Visual Design, Conceptual Models. 

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