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Watercolor/Acrylic - Materials

You can choose materials for doing Watercolor, Acrylic, or both. It is up to you in this class.
You should bring what you have and the instructor will advise you on purchases at the first class. However, you can buy these in advance as you wish.

Instructor Terri Regotti has advice and instructions and for materials:

SHOP AROUND via local (Central Art Supply; Michaels’s; Jo-Ann’s; Office Depot and Max; Craft Warehouse, etc.), (many local venues offer coupons at 40-60% off per one item), and also on the Internet (Chaselle; Cheap Joe’s; Dick Blick; Pearl’s; Amazon; Books-a-million, etc.).

Keep your receipts so you can return supplies if you need to or if you are in doubt about what you are purchasing.


Paints – come in student grade and professional grade. I recommend you purchase what is on sell of the least expensive professional grade. I prefer tubes and I like the Liquitex Basics. Get: Titanium White, Ivory or Mars Black; Ultramarine Blue; Thalo Blue; Cadmium Yellow light and deep; Cadmium Red medium; Alizarin Crimson; Hooker Green; Raw and burnt umber.

Bring what you may have and usually you can expect to pay anywhere from $2.99 and up/ per tube. Shop for starter boxes that may contain these basic colors.

Support: This is the surface that you will be painting on. I recommend that you buy a ready to go canvas at least 12”x 14”; ready to go Canvas boards (usually sold in packs, my recommendation is to get a middle to larger size); if you have Masonite board around, applying gesso to it, also creates an nice surface to paint on.

Other Materials: Palette(s) - they are plastic. You can also buy palette papers sold in a pad; you can use wax paper; small cups with lids. Your preference. I use all of these.

Set of NICE QUALITY nylon, synthetic brushes. You can get a set for around $7 to $10 that includes about 6 brushes in all sizes.

You’ll also need: Palette knife, Water bowl, Spray bottle, Sponge(s), Toothbrush, Table easel; #2 pencil; erasers - latex and kneaded, Gesso mediums if you think that you wish to use them.

We will discuss all materials at the first class, so you may want to wait to invest.


Paints: Watercolors are sold in tubes, pan and cakes. Purchase the least expensive professional level and whatever set appeals to you. I prefer tubes. You want to acquire all the basic colors (see Acrylic description for color names) and a Chinese white, which is gouache (opaque watercolor).

Papers: Paper is sold in blocks, pads and separately. ARCHES is a good brand. You want 140 Lb. weight.

Other materials:
Palettes. These come in many varieties. See what appeals to you.
Package of good quality brushes in various sizes.
An Acrylic board (at least 16’ x 20”).
Masking tape, #2 pencil, Erasers - kneaded and latex, sponge(s).
There are retardants, liquid masks, Ox gall, etc., but I prefer we discuss these in class first before you buy any of them.

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