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Computer Science

Transfer Degrees

Associate of Applied Science Degree

Career Pathways Certificate

Want to learn more about these programs?

For questions please call a computer science department administrator to schedule an appointment with a program advisor by contacting Carmela at 541-956-7213.

Program Advisors

Jeremy Taylor
Computer Science Department Chair
Phone: 541-956-7058

Kelly Johnson
Computer Science Faculty (RWC)
Phone: 541-956-7096

Cyndy Patterson
Computer Science Faculty Emeritus

*Here is a link to lower division BA/BS graduation requirements and program notes for each of the respective colleges that have partnered with RCC in offering the above Oregon Transfer Degree in Computer Science. These are not ASOT-CS graduation requirements; these are the courses taken for the elective block for each college. Numbers shown are common community college numbers unless otherwise noted.

View of Redwood campus Mac Lab.