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Successful Application Tips

We want to help you be successful, so here are a few hints in completing this application:

  • Have all documents required for completing the application organized and accessible (two email address for Letters of Recommendation, Industry Observation or Interview response and Personal Statement).
  • Have all your short answer questions completed beforehand, including your Industry Observation or Interview and Personal Statement writing assignments, as these can be copied and pasted into the application from word.
  • Follow the directions carefully; this is a competitive, limited-entry program and not all qualified applicants will be accepted.
  • Application session time out in 120 minutes.  Save often, because information will not be saved unless you save it or submit it.

Personal Statement:

In 150-200 words, write a Personal Statement about what led you to the decision to apply to the program and how it will help you accomplish your professional goals.

Industry Observation or Interview:

In 150-200 words, write an essay about your experience, during the observation or interview.  Include the name of the dental office, name of the individual and contact information.

There are many components to the application and points are awarded in each area.  Applications will be evaluated based on completeness of answers and materials submitted.


  • Prerequisites Met: 0-4
  • Industry Observation or Interview: 0-4
  • Personal Statement: 0-5
  • Letter of Recommendation #1: 0-2.5
  • Letter of Recommendation #2: 0-2.5
  • Veteran Yes/No: 4
    Maximum Points: 22

Dental Assistant Applicants will be notified by email.  You must reply to the email to confirm that you have accepted the position in the program. In your acceptance letter, you will be asked to schedule your initial registration advising appointment. Please be sure to keep your contact information up-to-date on your myRogue account.